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Facebook Integration
« on: January 31, 2013, 05:00:49 PM »
Facebook Integration

I am pleased to announce that member's Facebook accounts can be integrated with Lost Consoles. New users can choose to register with their Facebook account instead of filling out a form. Their username is derived from their name on Facebook, and the password is the same as their Facebook password. Current users can go to their Profile and click "Associate account with Facebook". This allows members to use their Facebook picture as their forum avatar, invite Facebook friends to join the forum, post status updates directly from Lost Consoles, and if permission is granted, Lost Consoles with automatically post user activity on a members Facebook timeline.

Integration with social networks is a critical part of Lost Consoles marketing strategy. The power, flexibility, and popularity of social networks like Facebook allow many opportunities to serve people from all over the world. I will continue to integrate more social networks as the integration becomes available, such as Twitter and Google+.

If anyone encounters problems with the Facebook integration please post a new topic in the Support forum. Thanks!