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Respect System
« on: January 29, 2013, 10:09:53 PM »
Respect System

Lost Consoles uses a unique Respect System. Members are allowed to rate other members by giving or taking respect points. The higher the points, the more valuable and trustworthy a member is. New members start out even, with no positive or negative points. Members who have posted at least 5 posts (Leecher rank and above) are allowed to give and take respect points.

Respect points can be viewed under a members username in topics, or in the users profile. You can add or subtract respect in topics, using the links Positive and Negative below the username. Members are allowed to add/subtract respect only once per hour.

There is no punishment or reward for respect points. For example, if a user has -50 respect points the forum staff will not ban or prevent the user from posting as long as posts follow the rules. Or if a user has 100 respect points, they do not earn any special privileges. The respect system is simply a way to rate fellow members. Other members that view the respect points will automatically know if they are trustworthy and respected, or dishonest and foolish.